Studio A - Control Room

Studio A features a beautiful 32-channel API 1608 outfitted with 548B pre-amps 8 API 560 graphic equalizers, 24 API550A discrete 3-band equalizers, 6 API525 discrete compressors, and 2 API527 compressor/limiters. Our console has been specially modified to feature the Slate Control by Slate Media Technology to serve as the center section of the console, allowing you to chose amongst different monitoring options and playback options.

The second highlight of this room is the 24-channel Studer A827 tape machine. The tape machine can be easily integrated into the workflow, giving you that classic tape sound while still being able to record and edit digitally, creating the ultimate hybrid set-up!

Studio A - live Room

Designed by Joe Salvatto, our live room not only sounds great, it features four isolation booths allowing for a flexible room layout depending upon the needs of your session. Additionally, we have numerous gobos to divide the live room further, creating additional isolation while still in the same space.