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Vipassana Gets the vinyl treatment!

GSI Records begins its partnership with Diggers Factory by releasing Vipassana by Eric Harland’s Voyager on vinyl for the first time ever! Click the image to get your copy!


Malcolm Gladwell sits with PENTATONIX at GSI Studios for episode 6 of Broken Record

Malcolm Gladwell hosts the sensational acapella group at GSI Studios and discusses their approach to music, their influences, and more! Click the image to hear the episode!

Getting Drum sounds with eric Harland

Sit in the assistant’s chair and learn how Josh gets drum sounds with Eric Harland!

Josh’s Corner: 23 tips for upcoming producers + engineers

In this episode of Josh’s Corner, Josh gives tips for upcoming engineers and producers!

Sound on Sound Magazine: Recording Piano at GSI Studios, Pt. 1

The good folks at Sound On Sound magazine stopped by to see some of the ways that Josh records the piano here at the studio!

Sound on Sound Magazine: Recording Piano at GSI Studios, Pt. 2

Part 2 of Sound On Sound’s spotlight on how Josh records piano!

Pushkin Industries debuts ‘Solvable’

Pushkin Industries and The Rockefeller Foundation debut their new podcast, Solvable, which showcases the world’s most inspiring and innovative thinkers! Many episodes are recorded here at GSI! Click the image to find out more!

From the Vault - Shadow Train

From the vault of GSI Records is Shadow Train by Sachal Vasandani. Released in September 2018, the album features unique takes of classic standards. The albums personnel includes fellow GSI Records label mates, Eric Harland (d) and Taylor Eigsti (p). As well as Nir Felder (g), Dayna Stephens (s), and Reuben Rogers (b). The album was recorded and mixed by GSI chief engineer, Josh Guinta!

Malcolm Gladwell & Questlove come to GSI

Broken Record kicks off Season Two in a big way with a two-part episode featuring the one and only Questlove! Click the image to hear the episodes, both of which were recorded at GSI