Designed to accommodate any size band, Studio A includes:

Our main control room, featuring:

  • A full ProTools HD system
  • 36-channel API 1608 mixing console
  • 24-channel Studer A800 tape machine
  • Barefoot monitors
  • Outboard gear from the likes of Neve and Manley

An expansive live room with:

  • A Yamaha C6 grand piano
  • A fully integrated playback system
  • 65" OLED TV for monitoring playback
  • Fully integrated headphone system
  • 64 available mic lines

Four isolation booths: 

  • 3 small booths for individual instrumentalists or vocalists.
  • 1 large booth for a full drum kit or grand piano - sliding doors can open to allow for a more expansive live room sound.
  • Each booth is outfitted with a camera so artists can see each other.