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KARL 2000 - KARL2000

Karl 2000 plays music by combining elements of Traditional Russian Folk tunes with Albert Ayler enthusiasm, original compositions with the humor and playfulness of The Bad Plus, arrangements of solo piano repertoire for Saxophone-Bass-Drums and popular covers such as David Cassidy’s  "I Think I Love You" and Percy Sledge’s "When a Man Loves a Woman" to name a few.  Karl's primary influence is The Alexandrov Ensemble, taking choral music and presenting it in the power-trio format featuring Daniel Rovin on tenor saxophone, Austin White upright bass & Dave Miller drums.

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The first installment of GSI Sessions, this free improvised collaboration features Eric Harland on drums, Daniel Rovin on tenor saxophone, Ben Gerstein on trombone, and Austin White on bass.

Track Listing

COST: $14
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