The GSI Squad


Welcome to the GSI blog, the greatest recording studio blog ever created.  There’s a lot for us to explore together, but we’ll begin our journey by meeting the people you’re likely to see at GSI Studios and what they’re all up to.  

The cast: 

Owners:  Austin White, Eric Harland, Daniel Rovin

Head Engineer/Producer:  Josh Giunta

Tech Engineer:  Mike Bocchino

Assistant Engineer:  Jason Rostkowski  

Lead Intern:  Diego Rodoni 


Austin White (owner)

Easily spotted by his tattoo collection, Austin usually spends his time in the studio developing music for one of his many projects.  His project Housewife involves daisy-chaining various synthesizers, sequencers, noise generators, FX pedals, and other unidentifiable weirdo sonic objects into an orderly symphonic cacophony of noise-based experimental music.  A bass player at heart, he records a lot of solo electric + acoustic pieces, and does bass duties in various free-jazz and metal bands, including Red and Whites.   His love for Metal has recently expanded into an upstart Metal record label Berkeley Acid Records.   A newly minted podcaster, he brings his love of sports and factual prowess to the GOAT podcast, part of the GSI podcast network.   


Additional attributes:  unassuming sports guru, mushy-type dog owner, iced coffee snob 


Eric Harland (owner) 

Resident musical genius, Eric spends much of his time touring the whole wide world and recording with the best musicians around in such bands as:  Charles Lloyd Quartet, Snarky Puppy, Les Claypool, John Mayer, SF Jazz Collective, to name a few.   His drumming is known equally for its sick groove and its depth of rhythmic complexity, Eric’s language on the drums has reshaped how drummers play the instrument (and that’s no lie).  When he’s off the road, Eric is usually instigating projects with his musical peers to be recorded at the home turf that is GSI Studios, as well as orchestrating largescale late-night studio hangs - an integral part of the GSI business model.  


Additional attributes:  casual modern-day mystic, extra proud Texan, wine sommelier  


Dan Rovin (owner) 

Resident extrovert Dan Rovin handles most of the studio’s bookings and much of the bidness for the studio’s record label GSI Records.  A fierce saxophonist, his music projects include the free-jazz trio Karl 2000 (alongside Austin) and the newly released ‘Live in Manhattan - A John Coltrane Tribute’.   He’s also been working closely with Reggie Workman, former John Coltrane bassist, to archive Reggie’s fascinating catalogue of live performances throughout his 60 year career.  An impressive mind for sports analysis and stats, Dan is the driving force behind and co-host of the GOAT podcast - a GSI hosted podcast that scrutinizes the legacies of various NBA legends (alongside Austin and Diego) and More Than The Score, another sports podcast with Austin.  


Additional attributes:  undefeated Madden champion, Hebrew language ambassador, turn upper 


Josh Giunta (head engineer/producer)  

Usually found pushing buttons in Studio A, Josh records, mixes, and produces the GSI Records projects and engineers many of the client sessions.  His style of engineering and producing is informed by years of working as a musician, his love of modern sounding music, and by working in a variety of NYC recording studios.   When he’s not recording for GSI clients, Josh is focused on producing good pop-music, writing songs with a variety of top-liners and vocalists with the goal of writing hits.   He releases music under the name of his producer moniker Love Science Music.  Josh’s main obstacle to greatness is an involuntarily drive to play FIFA.  


Additional attributes:  only leaves the studio to play soccer, gets hangry 


Mike Bocchino (chief tech engineer) 

Mike took the Kobe Bryant path into the studio biz, going straight out of high school to becoming the head tech engineer at the infamous Electric Lady Studios where he cut his teeth, rubbed elbows with the stars, and electrocuted himself a few times.  He is able to think about studio gear, construction, and electronics in the way that most artists think about emotion, lyrics, and soul… which is to say he can bend forms of steel and circuits to magically solve problems that otherwise seem like dead ends or broken equipment.  An analogue recording warrior, he came of age at the dawn of the digital recording age (90s-00s) and brings just enough of that hardened old-school studio mentality to GSI.  


Additional attributes:   Bushwick loft-party tour guide, PhD in philosophy, thinks about music in figured-bass notation, notoriously long texter


Jason Rostkowski (assistant engineer)  

Jason came in to GSI as assistant engineer right after the studio opened its doors way back in April 2017.  Since then he’s blossomed into a sensitive and talented young man of which the GSI tribal elders can be proud.  He is the main engineer for Studio B where he tracks and mixes and he also records the majority of the studio’s podcasts.  He assists sessions in studio A for GSI projects and shows outside engineers the ropes when they pop in to book the rooms.   


Additional attributes:  exemplary millennial, low-key Long Islander 


Diego Rodoni  (lead intern)

Diego is the main intern at GSI studios.  He’s a sax player, producer, synth nerd, and Ableton whiz.   If you’re working at GSI, he’s likely to be setting up the session or creaming your coffee.  His sports knowledge landed him a spot as co-host on the the GSI podcast The GOAT.  


Additional attributes:  white boy who holds his own at W4th basketball courts, 2008 Sports Illustrated award for best decorated bedroom, once the world's 3rd ranked Fruit Ninja player 



You’ve now been briefed.  Come by sometime.  



post written by GSI head engineer Josh Giunta